About Staco

STACO are quality tools, particularly durable tarpaulins and professional equipment solutions for professional use. STACO products are mainly used in industry, crafts and DIY.

STACO is the largest Danish brand within handtools and is particularly known for the high quality and the very broad product portfolio.

Our products are mainly distributed via wholesale, retail and e-commerce, where we collaborate with the leading players in the market.

Social responsibility
STACO sets extremely high standards and strict value requirements for the environment. Our range of products and packagings comply at all times full environmental soundness, and naturally follows legislation in Denmark and the EU.

We also recognize our responsibility for social conditions. We therefore demand that our partners and suppliers adhere to a number of ethical conditions in their production, especially within the working conditions and environmental protection.

Lifetime warranty

All STACO products are covered by our Lifetime Warranty. It means that defects in materials or during manufacturing are fully covered.

Defects caused by misuse or accidental use, are not included in the Lifetime Warranty.

Heavy Duty Series

STACO Heavy Duty Series is our top-quality stamp that we only give our toughest products.

Based on consumer experiences, we have created the Heavy Duty series across our product categories to offer extra strong variations which are needed.

Look for the STACO Heavy Duty Series stamped - then you are sure to get the best quality.